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Holistic dentistry is rising in popularity, offering dental patients a wider range of options for managing any dental issue. Especially when it comes to dental implants, a traditional but invasive procedure that requires multiple steps and can be very uncomfortable, there are a number of different holistic options characterized by the trademarks of holistic dentistry….

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Whether you are in need of basic dental checkups and routine hygiene help or you need a more intensive procedure like dental implants or a root canal, it is important to connect with a dentist you can trust. Rather than just calling the first dentist you see on Google, take some time to consider what…

A little girl is comfortable to treat her teeth under superficial sedation. The girl smiles and holds two thumbs up. Milk teeth treatment.

Dental sedation limits or removes the ability to feel pain during a dental procedure. Some types just remove the sensation of pain, while others render the patient unconscious so they are not awake during the procedure. There are a few different types of dental sedation available to patients. Each type of sedation is different, offering…

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Taking care of dentures properly ensures that all food and debris are removed. This helps the dentures to look and smell clean and fresh, and it removes potentially harmful bacteria from the mouth as well. Proper denture care starts with removing dentures when it’s time for bed, seeing the dentist regularly, and brushing your teeth…

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