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Most dental offices in the United States are staffed by dentists who were trained in the west, prioritizing Western medicine, and a western approach to health. Eastern medicine, or traditional Chinese medicine, takes a somewhat different approach. Based on a unique understanding of how energy flows through the body, traditional Chinese medicine seeks to identify…

Detail of dentist applying local anesthetic to patient for numbing the pain before procedure. Focus on the drop on the top of the needle

Some dental procedures require that you undergo a numbing needle at the site of the treatment in order to avoid pain and discomfort. While this can be a lifesaver in the moment, in some cases, the numbing effect may last for many hours after the treatment is complete. In most cases, this is little more…

The dentist is holding dentures in his hands. Dental prosthesis in the hands of the doctor close-up. Front view of complete denture. Dentistry conceptual photo. Prosthetic dentistry. False teeth

A removable dental bridge is a common and popular solution to replace one or more missing teeth. This dental appliance can improve your smile and assist with eating. If cared for properly, this dental device can last for up to 15 years. Removable dental bridges are fragile dental appliances. They should be handled with care….

Toothbrush stand shaped primary tooth on green moss background. Top view. Copy space Signboard for stomatology, dentist office or denal care clinic. Oral hygiene.

If you live in the Miami area, finding a holistic dentist is as easy as contacting Dison Family Dentistry. If you are seeking holistic dental care near you that focuses on the least intrusive dental treatment and prioritizes preservation of existing teeth and tissue, Dison Family Dentistry should be your first call. What Is a…

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