Dental implant restoration

Dental implant restoration is a process where a dentist uses an artificial tooth and then fuses it with your jawbone to fill the gap and give the look of a natural tooth. This is an excellent and durable alternative to tooth replacement.

Besides being a long-term surgical solution, dental implant restoration also has a very high success rate compared to its alternatives that range from anywhere around 91% to 95%. Most dentists recommend their patients not to harbor a tooth that has started rotting since the infection spreads to nearby teeth as well. This procedure, which uproots the infected teeth and replaces it with an artificial one, prohibits other teeth to suffer the same fate.

How many times have you faced difficulty in eating because of swelling or tooth gap caused due to decay? Dental implant restoration enables you to enjoy the eating process without any pain or discomfort. These implants also safeguard against further deterioration and any future visits to the doctor for the same teeth.

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