Dentistry Care Options

As you search for the right dentist, you’ll find certain dentists don’t offer more than a few services. Some dentists services don’t go beyond cleanings and extractions. Which will force you to have to find a new dentist if you need dental work done that’s outside of what they offer. Our team at Dison Family Dentistry offer extensive dental services that cover any dental care service you need!

When it comes to offering dental services, there isn’t any that our team can’t do. We can take a tooth and add a dental crown or bridge over the tooth for a quick and affordable fix. Or we proceed with any tooth extraction or oral surgeries to remove the tooth if necessary.

If you’re looking for a dental service to help improve your smile, we offer multiple services that can help. Our full packaged whitening service will leave you with a bright and beautiful smile that you’ve been dreaming of. As we have an orthodontist on staff, we offer braces and Invisalign for kids and adults! Now more than ever, it’s easier to get braces are they are non-invasive, while receiving faster results!

There’s no other dentist in North Miami that offers the extensive services that our team does at Dison Family Dentistry. Our team not only offers dental care services for adults, we offer dental care services for your children. In addition to dental care services, we do cater to Facial Cosmetic procedures for adults. Don’t hesitate any further in getting the procedure you’ve been needing. Call our office, (305) 600-5454, and book your appointment today!

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