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Far too many people go to the emergency room when they’re facing a dental emergency. Find out why visiting a clinic, such as ours in Miami, is a better option.  

Finding the perfect dentist in North Miami isn’t always easy. Plenty of people don’t have a connection with a dental health professional. And when something catastrophic happens, these people make a terrible mistake.

Every year, more than 2 million visits to hospital emergency rooms are caused by dental pain.

At Dison Family Dentistry, we find this statistic sad and a little alarming. If you need an emergency dentist in Miami, Florida, we hope you’ll visit us before you go to the emergency room. Let us tell you why.

3 Things an ER Can’t Do for You

Plenty of talented doctors and nurses work in hospital emergency rooms. But despite their skills, they’re not very helpful during a dental emergency.

Most doctors and nurses in an ER can’t:

  • Diagnose dental pain. Most hospitals aren’t equipped with specialized dental equipment. They can’t examine your gums, jaws, and teeth like a dentist in North Miami might.
  • Address the source of pain. Hospitals can’t address dental abscesses and toothaches. They can hand out painkillers to mask the discomfort, but when the drugs wear off, the ache comes back.
  • Prevent future problems. Curing an urgent problem is just part of what an emergency dentist in Miami, Florida, should do. Follow-up visits should address your overall health.

An emergency room can seem convenient. But clearly, this isn’t the right place for a dental problem.

Your Emergency Dentist in Miami, Florida

At Dison Family Dentistry, we have professionals available to step in and help when you’re in need. We can diagnose the source of your problem and move you past an emergency. And we offer a robust suite of treatments that can improve your overall oral health, so the next emergency is less likely.

Find out about our dentist in North Miami and how we can help. We’re here for you.

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