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Your dentist’s expertise and professionalism are critical to your oral health. But choose an inconvenient office, and you may skip important maintenance appointments. Learn more.

Your teeth are critical. Finding a dentist in North Miami Beach can help you protect them. But if you’re not sure where to start your search or how to prioritize your findings, we can help.

Our North Miami dentist at Dison Family Dentistry is an experienced, talented professional. But our clinic isn’t right for every smile and every family.

Here’s what we tell people searching for the right dental health partner.

Convenience Matters in Dental Care

Research says about half of us visit the dentist every six months, just as experts recommend. But most of us look for ways to avoid those visits if we can.

During routine dental visits, we move through:

  • Examinations. Hygienists measure the depth of our gums and take x-rays of our bones. Dentists look over our teeth and our jaws.
  • Cleanings. Plaque is scraped away, and the teeth are polished and shined.
  • Treatments. Fluoride helps to protect our teeth.

All of these steps are important. And researchers say regular dental visits are associated with better oral health. But for some people, these steps cause fear or anxiety. In others, they cause pain.

If you choose a North Miami dentist that isn’t convenient for you, it’s easier to skip your routine appointments. You then have one more excuse to cancel your visits or refuse to set them up at all.

Find a Dentist in North Miami Beach

Before you settle on a dental professional, think about your commute. Put convenience at the forefront of your mind.

The North Miami dentist you choose might be close to your:

  • Home. If you’re retired or work from home, choosing a neighborhood office could make your visits convenient.
  • Office. If you’re always at work, select a clinic nearby. Lunchtime or after-work visits are much easier to schedule and keep.
  • Child’s school. If your little one needs a pediatric dentist, a clinic near the playground could be ideal.

Dison Family Dentistry is located in the Intracoastal Mall, right in the heart of North Miami Beach. We’re close to several major roadways, plenty of businesses, and a few residential neighborhoods. And we’re taking patients now. Find out more about who we are and what we do.

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