Pediatric Dentistry Services

As we all know, sometimes it’s hard to get children to be happy with going to the dentist. At Dison Family Dentistry, our team has years of experience as pediatric dentists and we truly understand that this can be a nervous experience for a child. Also, getting kids to consistently take care of their teeth every day presents a challenge for parents. When you bring your children to Dison Family Dentistry, we promise that they’re in the best hands!

Sometimes, many children think that a trip to the dentist is a punishment. But, we’re not your usual pediatric dentist! Our professionals make any trip to our dental office fun, enjoyable, and something your family will look forward to. We understand that it can be difficult to teach your child how to properly brush their teeth twice a day. At Dison Family Dentistry, we try to not only encourage and teach your children to brush twice a week, but we also try to give you all the tools and tips as well to help maintain their healthy oral care.

Pediatric Dentistry, just like all of our services, is a service we pride ourselves in. Most children have a hesitation when it comes to going to the dentist, and we really strive to make sure the experience is easy and enjoyable for your family. With the years of experience in pediatric dentistry, your family will feel comfortable and at ease knowing that your children’s oral health is in the hands of true professionals. Our main dentist, Dr. Julia Dison has worked in pediatric dentistry for decades, and understands how to make your family trip to the dentist fun, but also, still taking care of oral health. We know that as parents, you have enough to worry about, and we want to make sure that we simplify things by teaching children the value of their teeth health. We are the premier pediatric dental office in North Miami and if you need to make an appointment for your family, give our office a call today at (305) 600-5454!

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