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With time, your teeth and skin begin to lose their sheen and this is where face rejuvenation treatments provide the ultimate solution. Dison Family Dentistry believes in giving their patients a wholesome experience that not only includes a great set of teeth but a gorgeous skin tone too.

A number of factors, from environmental pollution, harmful UV rays as well as the natural ageing process make our skin dark and dull with fine wrinkles. Facial rejuvenation treatments range anywhere from Botox to chemical peels to give your skin a shimmery look. Skin treatments are almost unheard of in most dentistry clinics. However, the established doctors understand that the skin is as much a part of the face as the teeth and both need to be in their optimum state to give a beautiful and youthful appearance.

With a number of cosmetic procedures available at Dison Family Dentistry, Botox is perhaps the most well-known cosmetic procedure used to give a more youthful look. Botox is used to smooth out fine wrinkles. The procedure is minimally invasive and is over within a few minutes. Apart from this, Juvéderm and chemical peels constitute some of the alternative choices.

An excellent team of doctors help you get the best cosmetic procedure at Dison Family Dentistry, every day!

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