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For expert preventive and restorative oral health treatment, contact Dison Family Dentistry and discover why we are the leading family dentist in Miami Beach.

It’s not often that you can find expert dental care that ranges from restorative to cosmetic and preventive for the entire family. But at Dison Family Dentistry, the leading dentist in Miami Beach, these services and more are possible for children, teens, adults and seniors. With state-of-the-art equipment, an expertly trained and board-certified staff, our doctors and hygienists serve young and old with compassionate care in our clean, friendly downtown office. Because we offer multiple services, we get to know our patients’ oral care needs and can build on each visit as their mouths change or develop. For children, our pediatric services begin early, with gentle training in brushing and flossing and careful evaluation of young gum health and development progress. We emphasize regular checkups, cleaning and polishing to ensure cavity prevention before those sugar bugs begin. For teenagers, our very own orthodontist offers specialized training. Braces and Invisalign are popular options, and we work with patients every step of the process—from initial diagnostic tests to post-orthodontic retainers—and offer affordable payment plans.

For the adults in the family, our restorative procedures set us apart from other dentists in Miami Beach Fl. Under one friendly roof, we provide multiple treatment options including: crowns, bridges, implants, wisdom tooth removal and other extractions, oral surgery and root canals. The need for total mouth rehabilitation stems from many factors. Among them: gum disease, erosion from highly acidic beverages, tooth trauma and tooth loss from decay. These serious concerns can seem daunting; however, with our staff’s innovative and reliable care, we guarantee safe and painless procedures and, ultimately, total satisfaction and improved oral health. We also offer three options for dentures: immediate one-step procedures without tooth removal, conventional multi-step dentures and dentures that can fit directly over some existing teeth or implants. In addition, we provide periodontic procedures for chronic gum disease. Our facial rejuvenation procedures include Botox and chemical peels. With three languages spoken in our office, new patient specials and convenient payment plans, you can trust Dison Family Dentistry with all your oral health needs.

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