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You need to know more than an address when you’re visiting a dentist near Miami. You must also prepare for your appointment, and your work starts weeks before you’re scheduled to arrive. Learn what to do.

Finding the perfect dentist near Miami is just part of planning for a healthy smile. You’ll also need to prepare for your visit. And for some people, that work starts weeks before they sit down in the dentist’s chair.

At Dison Family Dentistry, we work hard to keep our patients comfortable. You’ll notice the difference from the first moment you contact us for an appointment. But it is helpful if our patients do a bit of planning. Here’s what we recommend.

2 Weeks Before Your Visit

Tap a note in your digital calendar as your appointment date comes closer. You have a few important steps to take here to ensure that everything goes smoothly.

We ask our patients to:

  • Confirm the date and time. There are several dentists near Miami, and sometimes, patients get confused. Call us and ensure that you’re booked to see our experts.
  • Transfer your dental records. If you’ve seen a different dentist in Miami Beach or elsewhere, make sure we have copies of all of your test results and doctors’ notes.
  • Gather your medical records. Did you know that prescription medications can impact your oral health? Some drugs alter saliva production, others can cause gum swelling, and still others cause abnormal bleeding. Keep a list of all the medical conditions you’re treating and how.

The steps you take here ensure that we’re ready to help you from the moment your appointment begins.

Your hard work is almost done, but we do ask our patients to take two very important steps.

First, plan your trip so you can arrive on time. Plenty of people show up late for appointments because they worry about time wasted if they’re early. Rest assured that we offer Wi-Fi and other amenities, so you can stay connected if you are early. But please aim to be on time.

Next, brush, floss, and rinse your teeth. We’ll take those steps during your appointment too, but it helps when you arrive with a clean mouth.

Looking for a Dentist Near Miami Lakes?

Our office is conveniently located, and we’re accepting both adult and pediatric patients now. We offer a full suite of services, and we’re ready to serve. Contact us for an appointment today.

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