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Help your child prepare for the very first pediatric dentistry visit. And ensure you’re entrusting your child’s mouth to an expert. Learn how.  

Most adults have been to the dentist hundreds of times. You know just what to expect when you sit down, slip on a bib, and open your mouth for an exam. Your child is very different.

As a parent, you likely want to learn all you can about how pediatric dentistry appointments work. That way, you can help your child to prepare for this important conversation.

3 Important Parts of a Pediatric Dentistry Visit
Your child’s dental visits might work a little differently than yours do. Prepare for a slower pace, but know that plenty of important topics are covered.

A typical visit involves three steps.

  1. Talk: The doctor will ask about tooth brushing, flossing, snacks, drinks, and more. Some children feel comfortable answering questions, but smaller tots let their parents handle this part of the exam.
  2. Look: The child opens wide, and the doctor looks over teeth and gums. If the doctor sees problems, they are often addressed in separate appointments. Encourage your child to eat a light snack before the visit (to cut down on crankiness). But make sure your child doesn’t eat during the visit, so your doctor can see each tooth.
  3. Listen: The doctor educates the child about oral hygiene and dental health. Our pediatric dentist in Miami spends quite a bit of time on this part of the visit. The more a child knows about keeping the smile healthy, the better.

Hold a few role-playing sessions with your child in the weeks before your appointment. Talk about everything that will happen, and answer any questions that come up. A practiced child might handle a visit better than one who feels surprised at each step.

Choose the Right Pediatric Dentist in Miami

Education and practice can help your child prepare for that all-important first visit. But partnering with the right doctor helps too.

Pediatric dentistry experts know all about how to make their little patients comfortable. After four years of dental school, these doctors spend two to three extra years of additional training in pediatrics. That hands-on experience helps them meet the needs of infants and children with ease.

Our Miami pediatric dentistry practice is adept at keeping children calm, comfortable, and healthy. We’d love to tell you more about what sets us apart from the rest, and we’re taking on new patients. Contact us to find out more.

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