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For the latest and greatest techniques in cosmetic family dentistry, contact Dison Family Dentistry and discover why these smile-transforming procedures are skyrocketing in popularity.

Sparkling white teeth and big glossy smiles—they’re the norm on the faces of models in magazines and celebrities on television. Medical studies have even explored the effects of the media on the public’s desire for the appearance of perfect teeth. As early as 2000, dental economics journals were writing about the boom of whiteners, bleaching and restorative procedures. Until then, these beautiful grins hadn’t been easily accessible to everyday people. Within the past two decades, however, thanks to advances in technology and the affordability of equipment, cosmetic family dentistry has blossomed and is possible for patients of all ages. Dr. Dison’s team can provide the latest treatments affordably and safely to guarantee you a beautiful smile that not only looks good but is healthy, as well. Not many practices can offer preventative care, periodontics, emergency services and aesthetic treatments all in one office, but our experienced, board-certified team of doctors can provide all of these comprehensive procedures along your journey for the perfect smile.

As a premier cosmetic dentist miami fl, we take pride in the many ways we can improve your smile, and maybe even your self-confidence. One excellent option for our patients who are interested in making over their smiles is veneers—thin layers of material applied directly to teeth to re-shape a peg lateral, for example, even out jagged edges or recreate their natural look and feel. Color matching or enhancements are guaranteed, and many veneers can last up to 20 years with proper care. They are a super choice for building up a tooth’s surface area without compromising its integrity. We also offer safe and non-abrasive whitening services. Moreover, if your teeth need straightening—no matter what your age—our board-certified orthodontist can consult with you on the best options. From conventional braces to the latest Invisalign (clear trays) treatments, we can work with you to establish an affordable payment program within your budget, so your dream of a winning smile can become reality. Contact Dr. Dison today to learn more about our appearance-enhancing dental procedures, along with facial enhancements such as Botox and chemical peels. We are ready to make you smile.

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