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A pediatric dentist can teach your child about oral health. Those lessons can reverberate and ensure that your child stays healthy throughout their life. Learn how we approach this in our clinic.

Visit a pediatric dentist in Miami, and you’ll expect medical interventions. Examinations, x-rays, and scheduled procedures are common and routine in both pediatric and family dental medicine.

But the right pediatric dentist in Miami, Florida, will also teach your child all about proper at-home care, including the use of fluoride products. Education is something we take very seriously at Dison Family Dentistry. Let us tell you why.

Use Fluoride With Care

Most dental products are packed with fluoride to protect teeth. This ingredient is important, but parents must watch over the dosing very carefully.

Use too little fluoride, and your child won’t have enough protection. But use too much, and the ingredient can stain your child’s teeth.

Our pediatric dentist in Miami can demonstrate:

  • How much. Toothpaste doses range from rice-sized in the very young to pea-sized for older children.
  • How often. Your dentist can explain how many times per day your child should brush.
  • How to stay safe. Your child can learn how to spit like a pro. That tip applies to both paste and mouthwash.

We can also help you learn how to pick the right pastes and rinses for your child, based on age and compliance.

Learn How to Care for Tiny Teeth

Your child’s teeth begin to decay almost as soon as they appear. But cavities aren’t inevitable. Your child must learn how to perform proper self-care.

Our pediatric dentist in Miami can teach your child how to:

  • Brush. Without instruction, children may skip spots, scrub too hard, or otherwise leave their teeth unprotected.
  • Floss. As soon as two teeth touch, it’s time to clean between them. Our dentist can demonstrate how to tackle this tricky task.
  • Watch. Our dentist can show your child what tooth decay looks like. A mirror and an open mouth can help your child spot signs of trouble.

Our pediatric dentist makes learning fun with an engaging, child-appropriate pep talk. We know all about how to communicate with our small patients.

Find a Pediatric Dentist in Miami

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