Little girl at pediatric dentist

You’re probably aware that the pediatric dentistry age group begins in infancy. But when does it end? At some point, your child will transition out of a pediatric dentistry practice and into an adult-care practice. The moment at which your child takes that leap is individualized. Some people are ready to switch sooner than others….

Kid screaming loosing tooth

Your clinic is the best place to go for dental advice when your appliances break. Detached implants, missing teeth in dentures, and cracked veneers can lead to cuts inside your mouth. These broken bits can also harm your smile. But it’s important to know how these dental devices work and how to care for them….

Tooth model

Many of us don’t like what we see when we look in the mirror. If your teeth are the source of the trouble, you can fix your smile with cosmetic dentistry. For example, researchers say more than half of all Americans cover their mouths when they laugh because they feel insecure about their teeth. If…

man at cosmetic dentistry

Should you visit a regular dental clinic, or is it time to consider advanced cosmetic dentistry? It’s not an easy question to answer, especially if you don’t know the difference between these two types of smile therapies. Let us explain what makes cosmetic dentistry different so you can make the right choice for your health….

Cavity prevention care

What can any parent do to prevent cavities from harming a child’s smile? We asked our pediatric dentist in Miami Lakes this important question. While routine appointments with a professional provide the best route to a healthy, pain-free smile, the choices parents make at home matter too. These are the three at-home tips our dentist…

Chew Gum for teeth

When people visit our dentist in Miami Beach, they often bring up questions. We love it! Education is a big part of what we offer our patients, and we always want them to feel like they can ask us anything. Recently, a patient asked us if a gum-chewing habit could allow her to skip routine…

Women cleaning teeth

The days grow warmer, and our gardens begin to come alive with healthy crops. What if we could use this same springtime season to make our smiles healthier too? We asked our dentist in Miami Beach to share her three top tips for springtime dental health. Here’s what she recommends. 1. Cool Down With Water,…

Dentist exam women

The term cosmetic family dentistry isn’t new. People have used the term for years to describe a very specific, precise type of treatment for your smile. But if you’ve been searching for smile help, should you head to a cosmetic dentist in Miami? Or should you stick with the practitioner you’ve used for years? Let…

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