Chew Gum for teeth

When people visit our dentist in Miami Beach, they often bring up questions. We love it! Education is a big part of what we offer our patients, and we always want them to feel like they can ask us anything.

Recently, a patient asked us if a gum-chewing habit could allow her to skip routine care appointments. It’s such an interesting question that we thought we’d answer it in depth.

How Gum Can Help Your Teeth

Gum is proven to increase saliva flow. If you’ve just eaten a sugary snack, that extra fluid can wash away acids and bacteria forming on the surface of your teeth. Popping in a slice of gum after a meal is a smart idea.

But gum does come with a few drawbacks. Some versions are loaded with sugar, and they are just as hard on your teeth as a sweetened snack. And sugar-free versions can cause intestinal problems in some people.

Chewing gum constantly can also be hard on your jaw muscles, and grinding the gum can wear away tooth enamel too.

What a Dentist in Miami Beach Can Do

All the gum in the world can’t replace the help and expertise from a trained and compassionate dentist.

Come into our office for routine care, and we can:

  • Clean. Plaque inevitably forms on teeth, even if you brush, floss, rinse, and chew gum. We can help to remove it.
  • Treat. Gum and tooth issues, including cavities and decay, can be both diagnosed and addressed by dentists.
  • Educate. We also offer commonsense advice you can put to use at home to keep your mouth healthy and bright.

Our dentist near Miami Lakes is compassionate and kind. We work hard to ensure each appointment is comfortable and efficient.

We know you may not look forward to dental appointments. But work with us, and we’ll ensure you don’t dread them. Contact us to make an appointment today.

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