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The days grow warmer, and our gardens begin to come alive with healthy crops. What if we could use this same springtime season to make our smiles healthier too?

We asked our dentist in Miami Beach to share her three top tips for springtime dental health. Here’s what she recommends.

1. Cool Down With Water, Not Soda

Most Americans drink at least one sugary drink every day. That habit can be incredibly hard on your teeth. Carbonation can wear down enamel, and the sugar encourages plaque colonies to form. Dyes in soda can stain your teeth too.

A cold, clear glass of water is incredibly refreshing on a hot Florida day. And that sip won’t hurt your teeth either.

2. Always Wear a Mouthguard

Spring means longer days, and plenty of us fill up our free time with sports. Those hobbies can be hard on your teeth.

Wear a mouthguard when you’re:

  • Playing contact sports. Basketball, football, and even baseball can all put your teeth in contact with balls or bodies.
  • Using something with wheels. Skateboarding and some forms of cycling marry speed and height. A fall could chip or crack your teeth.
  • Feeling a bit nervous. If you think you need a mouthguard, you probably do. Listen to your inner voice, and do what you can to protect your mouth.

If you do experience a mouth injury, visit a dentist in Miami Beach for an assessment and repair. But if you wear a mouthguard, you may not need that help.

3. Schedule an Appointment With a Dentist in Miami Beach, FL

Did you visit a dental professional in 2020? Florida reporters suggest that many of us skipped routine care due to pandemic concerns. Spring is a great time to get back on track.

Visit your dentist for advice on your at-home cleaning regimen. And get treatment for the aches and pains that have plagued your smile too.

Dison Family Dentistry is accepting new patients now, and we’d love to help you. Contact us for an appointment.

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