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In some cases we have patients who require more than one dental procedure in order to get that beautiful smile they have always wanted. If the need for full mouth rehabilitations is required, then we are more than qualified to handle the job. Our teams of experts, as well as Dr. Julia Dison herself are well experienced in handling these types of cases and have helped hundreds of patients regain their smile.

The need for full mouth rehabilitations can be caused by several things including:

  • Gum disease: There are several causes of gum disease including plaque, smoking, reaction to medications, crooked teeth, nutritional deficiencies as well as the possibility that it can run in the family. Most causes are preventative or treatable but if the problem continues, a more aggressive treatment option is required.
  • Erosion due to acid: Soda, highly acidic juices, coffee, tea and other beverages can take their toll as well as certain types of foods. People who suffer from acid reflux are also at risk or erosion problems. While it usually does take years for the erosion to do damage, it can occur faster due to the frequency and severity of the acidic substances.
  • Damage to the mouth: Trauma to the jaw or head area can cause teeth to break. Even a small impact can create enough force to cause chips, cracks as well as complete breakage. These impacts can also create damage to the gums, alignment, jaw and more.
  • Tooth loss due to decay: Bacteria within the mouth create acids over an extended period of time. These acids will begin to eat away at your teeth, usually leaving holes in them. This hole is known as a cavity and if it goes untreated will create decay. Causes of plaque building and decay can include not brushing and flossing consistently, diminished amounts of fluoride, smoking and more.

How can we help?

Dr. Dison is experienced in handling these types of situations and will work with you to find the best course of action of the full mouth rehabilitation. This could include a combination of different procedures from surgery, braces, restoration, crowns and more. Dr. Julia is your top choice in Miami to handle these matters for multiple reasons:

With over a decade of first-hand experience in rehabilitation, Dr. Dison can quickly identify the cause as well as the solution to this problem. Utilizing the latest tools in the industry, our team will be able to quickly develop and execute a strategy that will have your smile looking beautiful again. We will present you with the best options available while also keeping your needs and comfort in mind.

In addition to the best dental service in Miami, we offer flexible payment options to make this endeavor more affordable and easier for you to handle financially. We also offer additional services to help you improve your oral health. You should not have to put off having a healthy mouth until you can afford it. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment.

Full Mouth Rehabilitations


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