Cute teeth before and after multiple caries in gym dental characters. Tooth dentistry restoration with ceramic porcelain sealant in cavity treatment concept.

When teeth are damaged on the surface but the roots remain healthy, there are dental procedures available to remove the damaged part of the tooth and replace it. If it is possible to save the tooth’s pulp and roots, crowns or caps may be a good option. They preserve the integrity of the jaw, look…

Young beautiful woman with healthy teeth smiling on light background

Chipping a tooth or cracking a tooth by biting something the wrong way or crunching something extra hard, like ice, is pretty common. Though most people think it won’t happen unless they are injured or in an accident, the truth is that chipped and cracked teeth can happen pretty easily. The good news is that…

Close up of young woman's face with crooked teeth. Teeth before install braces. Teeth need ortodonti.

Occlusion refers to the alignment of the teeth, and malocclusion means poor alignment or misalignment. When applied to teeth, malocclusion generally refers to the bite, or how the top teeth and bottom teeth fit together. Mild tooth malocclusion may cause aesthetic issues but no serious problems, while more severe tooth malocclusion requires treatment and intervention….

Beautiful woman patient having dental treatment at dentist's office.

Composite bonding is one of many options available for people who would like to upgrade their smile. The process is perfectly safe for the patient and safe for teeth as well. In fact, depending on the issue being covered by the composite bonding, it may even help the teeth to stay stronger and healthier. Of…

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