Face Rejuvenation Treatments by Dr Julia Dison

You may not think of a dentist as the best place to go for face rejuvenation treatments in Miami, but there are multiple reasons why Dr. Julia Dison should be in your consideration. For starters, let’s look at why she wanted to offer the service. For years she saw her patients in a constant pursuit for a younger, healthier looking face and that meant more than just a pretty smile. However, while there are plenty of places to go, people wanted to know they were in good hands and being provided the best service possible. That’s where Dr. Julia decided to step in.

Just as with any other service offered in the facility, Dr. Dison wanted to learn everything possible about these treatments and ensure that her patients were getting the absolute best possible quality. As she researched things like Botox, chemical peels and Juviderm, she found that they not only provided safe and effective results, but they could easily be added as services offered by her facility. The best part upon hearing the news, patients were excited to know that they could get these treatment options at the same place they rely on for elite oral care. For them it was a win-win scenario and they gladly began scheduling appointments.

For Dr. Julia Dison, offering face rejuvenation treatments in Miami was a logical and practical move. Patients come to her throughout the year to have a clean, straight and beautiful looking smile and she wanted to add the option of helping them look younger and healthier as well. If you have been interested in these options but have questions or need some additional information, feel free to browse our site or contact us today to learn more and schedule an appointment. Come see why, no matter what the service, it is delivered with elite quality and care.

face rejuvenation treatments


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