Our Primary Focus is Providing Innovative and Reliable Dental Care for Our Patients.

The quest for the perfect smile is never ending. Dr. Julia Dison’s team can help you get closer with our veneers and cosmetic dentistry services that will improve your oral look and heath. Veneers are very thin layers of material that are applied directly to a tooth and recreate the natural look and even feel. Your dentist can help you utilize this option as well as others to reposition, and alter the shape, size and even the color of your teeth.

Strengthen and protect: The main goal of using our veneer or other cosmetic dentistry options is to improve the strength of your teeth and also improve the appearance of them. Throughout your life, your mouth is constantly under attack from bacteria, acid, trauma as well as normal wear and tear. Protecting your mouth is the only way to maintain and improve its health. This will also help you to save on expensive procedures you may have needed down the road.

Comfortable: While doing a great job is our main focus, we still need to make sure that you are as comfortable as possible before, during and after a procedure. That’s why we utilize the latest tools in the industry to make sure you maintain a satisfactory level of comfort. If there is any way we can improve the quality and health of your mouth while minimizing any pain or discomfort you are experiencing then we will do it.

What makes Dr. Julia Dison and the team your leading choice for veneers and cosmetic dentistry in Miami is our commitment to excellence. We do not offer a service that we cannot perform in-house and excel at it. That’s what we demand of ourselves and what our patients demand from us. Here are some other reasons why we should be your dental team:

  • Reliable experience: Every member of our team has true hands-on experience handling every situation we cover. That’s why we are fully confident in every team member’s ability to perform the task and ensure customer satisfaction. We make sure that we only offer the best quality possible because that’s what you demand of us.
  • Best treatments: What happens when a new treatment option becomes available that makes the procedure better for the patient? Don’t worry because we are on the cutting edge of the industry but we also make sure that a new option will perform at the highest level otherwise we will not offer it. That ensures that our patients only get the best options to make the procedure as easy as possible.
  • Work with you: We are not interested in just having you come in, let us fix the problem and then send you on your way. We want all our patients to have a healthy dental track record. That’s why we take the time to show you treatment options as well as ways to maintain your oral health at home including brushing, flossing, which products are the best and more. We want you to develop healthy habits and get used to maintaining them every day.

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