Our Primary Focus is Providing Innovative and Reliable Dental Care for Our Patients.

When you need dentures it’s important that you work with a dentist who has experience in this particular area. Depending on what kind you need, full or partial, you need to have a game plan going in so that you know you are getting the best options for you. Here are some of the types of dentures your dentist and you will consider:

  • Fully conventional: This traditional option can be removed when needed and is easily put into your mouth once all teeth are removed and the main tissues have had time to heal. Expect this to take at least a few months.
  • Immediate: Also removable, it is immediately inserted the same time the existing teeth are removed from the mouth. Prior to the procedure, your dentist will make models from your existing teeth and your jaw line to ensure a proper fit. There is no downtime to heal before the installation but you may need to have another visit for the frame to be realigned.
  • Overdenture options: If you have healthy teeth or implants that already exist your dentist may recommend this option. The frame will go over the existing teeth without needing any removal to take place.

A common mistake made by people who just received dentures is they think that they are more durable than their actual teeth were. That’s not true and these replacements need to be treated with respect and care, routinely maintained to ensure that they last for years.

Whether it’s new dentures, repairing, replacing or something else, Dr. Julia Dison is your top choice for anything Miami dentist related. She, as well as her staff, are well trained and experienced in handling these types of situations and will perform the task at the highest level of quality possible. When you come to our facility you will receive first-class treatment as well as experience:

  • Friendly environment: Many of our patients not only visit us, but they also bring their entire families to us. That’s why, regardless of how big or how small the service we are providing is, we make sure it is done with complete professionalism. Our hope is that you will choose us as your regular family dentist and that only happens if every member of your family enjoys the experience.
  • Additional services: In order to be your leading Miami dentist option, we need to make sure that you are able to handle anything you need whether it’s full mouth rehabilitations, crowns & bridges, veneers and cosmetic dentistry, root canals, orthodontics or something else. Furthermore, we cannot just offer those services; we have to excel at them to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your experience.

A healthier you: When someone comes in for a procedure, we do not want them to think that our service ends when they walk out the door. We want them to improve their dental hygiene habits which is why we take the time to teach you proper methods of cleaning and maintaining your teeth and gums at home.



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