Orthodontist hands placing braces on woman teeth.

If you would like to fix your smile, you have a few different options when it comes to teeth straightening.

In fact, there are multiple ways to straighten teeth and the one you choose will depend on the specific dental issue you are facing and your lifestyle.

Teeth Alignment Options

Few people have perfectly straight teeth without orthodontic care, but not everyone requires metal braces in order to fix their bite, gaps, or tooth alignment issues.

Here are some of the most popular options:

  • Metal braces: Though they are not everyone’s favorite choice for aesthetic reasons, metal braces are by far the most popular standard option in teeth alignment. They are often the least expensive choice, and they are effective in the management of the most complex orthodontic issues. Brackets are also available in clear or tooth-colored options for those who want a more subtle look.

  • Clear aligner trays: These trays are removable and can help with simple issues like bite and gap corrections, but they will not be appropriate for complex issues. Invisible aligner trays may be a bit more expensive than metal braces, and they require more frequent orthodontic visits to get new aligner trays.

  • Snap-on smile: This appliance is also removable, just like the clear aligner trays, but it snaps into place to help move teeth.

  • Lumineers and veneers: Though this option does not actually move your teeth in any way, it is a quick solution that allows you to upgrade your smile without braces.

Which Teeth Alignment Option Is Best for Me?

Depending on the reason why you are seeking teeth alignment, different alignment options may be more or less appropriate. For example, if it is not purely an aesthetic issue, aligner trays may not be an effective choice.

The right teeth alignment option for your needs will need to be determined by an orthodontist after a consultation. Contact Dison Dentistry today to learn more about the teeth straightening strategies that will work for you.

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