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A removable dental bridge is a common and popular solution to replace one or more missing teeth. This dental appliance can improve your smile and assist with eating. If cared for properly, this dental device can last for up to 15 years.

Removable dental bridges are fragile dental appliances. They should be handled with care. This means making sure to protect them from falling and breaking, keep them clean, and get them checked regularly, especially if fit becomes an issue.

How to Clean a Removable Dental Bridge

The best way to wash or clean a removable dental bridge is to use a toothbrush and water. Using toothpaste and other abrasive substances can scratch or damage a removable bridge and are not recommended.

If you prefer, you may also use a dental cleaning solution. Some people like to remove their dental bridge and soak it in a cleaning solution for 30 minutes or overnight in order to keep it clean. This is not necessary. A simple cleaning with a toothbrush and water will do the job.

However, should you choose to use a dental bridge cleaner, it is still important to brush your movable dental bridge after eating throughout the day in order to keep it free from debris.

Tips for Washing a Removable Dental Bridge

  • Do not use an abrasive cleaner, as these may scratch or damage the surface of the bridge.
  • Wash your removable dental bridge over a towel so that it will not break if dropped.
  • Clean your removable dental bridge after every time you eat in order to keep it free from debris and smelling clean.

If properly cared for, a removable dental bridge can last for anywhere from 5 to 15 years.

What to Do if Your Dental Bridge Is Damaged

Should your removable dental bridge break or become damaged, it is important to have the issue addressed by a professional dentist as soon as possible.

Similarly, if your removable dental bridge begins to cause pain or make it more difficult for you to eat, make a dental appointment your priority.

Dental bridges may cause pain or discomfort if they are not fit correctly. This can be addressed by your dentist with a few simple adjustments, or it may require that you be fitted for a new bridge if the first one was made incorrectly.

Schedule an Appointment to Have Your Dental Bridge Checked

If your dental bridge is causing you problems, if you believe that it has been damaged by your early cleaning practices, or if you just have not had a checkup in a while, call Dison Family Dentistry today to set up an appointment.

We can take a look at your removable dental bridge, make sure that it fits well, and give you advice on how to care for the appliance going forward. Call now.

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