When just a few teeth are missing and the surrounding tissue and teeth are strong, partial dentures, or bridges, may be a great choice.

Available for both the upper and/or lower jaw, partial dentures can replace a few missing teeth and blend in with the rest of your smile.

Are partial dentures the right solution for you?

Why Might Partial Dentures Seem Necessary?

If you have serious tooth decay, periodontal disease, lost a few teeth due to accident or extraction, or otherwise have a facial or jaw injury, partial dentures may be the right choice for you.

Partial dentures are usually a removable appliance, once consisting of a gum-colored base, clasps, and false teeth, molded and shaped to fit as an upper partial denture or a bottom partial denture.

Partial dentures will not be appropriate if the patient is missing an entire set of teeth. In that case, full dentures or conventional dentures are more appropriate.

What Types of Partial Dentures Are There?

There are fixed partial dentures and removable partial dentures

Removable partial dentures, sometimes called “temporary,” may be made of cast metal, acrylic, or flexible plastic material. They are created to be inserted and removed as needed.

Fixed partial dentures, or fixed bridges, are surgically inserted into the jawbone. There are a number of different types, but the traditional bridge is most popular and usually made of ceramic or porcelain fused to metal.

The cantilever bridge is also fixed but supports the new fake tooth from one side. The Maryland bridge bonds to both of the adjacent teeth, making it the most popular choice to replace missing front teeth.

For those who are missing three or more back teeth, the implant-supported bridge is the best choice.

What Type of Partial Dentures Are Right for Me?

If you would like to know more about the type of denture or implant that will best serve your needs, contact Dison Dentistry today to get a personal consultation.

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