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Holistic dentistry is a growing field. More and more patients are seeking a gentler form of dentistry and moving away from traditional dental treatments when it’s possible and prudent.

Though there is not an holistic dental alternative treatment for every single traditional dental option available, in many cases, patients prefer to go the holistic route.

What Is a Holistic Dentist?

A holistic dentist opts to utilize treatments that are as minimally invasive as possible. That means, for example, that if it’s possible to save all or part of a tooth rather than pull it, that’s what they’ll do.

Holistic dentistry also carefully considers the materials and tools they use to provide treatments to patients. Knowing that materials used for fillings and tooth replacements can break down over time and leach into the bloodstream, they take care to use substances that won’t harm the patient in the years to come.

Additionally, holistic dentists will opt to use chemicals and compounds that do not create a toxic environment in the dental office, increasing overall safety for workers.

What Does a Holistic Dentist Do?

A holistic dentist starts with a full evaluation and assessment. Getting information about past trauma, treatments, and surgeries, plus assessing the current state of the teeth, tongue, jaw and related tissues, will give a holistic dentist a lot of information to work with.

Using this information, they can create a treatment plan that prioritizes safe and minimally invasive treatment options first. They then retain the option to take more intensive steps when needed.

Why Use a Holistic Dentist?

Excessive or invasive treatments are often painful. If there is a way to address the problem with a more comfortable option, why not take it?

Additionally, using only biocompatible materials can be of great benefit to long-term health and wellness.

Find a Holistic Dentist

Learn more about holistic dentistry in general and connect with a holistic dentist who can clarify your dental options when you contact Dison Family Dentistry today.

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