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It’s fashionable in some circles, mostly among teens and young adults, to wear fake braces, also called DIY braces.

Most people who put them on know that they will not work the same way that traditional braces will. In fact, they won’t work at all to realign your teeth, but some people try anyway, hoping for the best.

Is it possible for fake braces to work in any way like traditional braces, and are they potentially harmful to the wearer?

What Are Fake Braces?

Fake braces are usually applied by the person wearing them, attaching or gluing brackets to their teeth and adding on decorative rubber bands. They often have brackets that are shaped like cartoon characters or other brightly colored adornments to make them more fun to look at.

In some countries and parts of the U.S., salons offer the service of applying fake braces for appearance’s sake. Just like user-applied DIY braces, these braces are not an orthodontic appliance and will not work to realign teeth.

Why Are People Wearing Fake Braces?

For many people, fake braces are a fun or funny fashion trend. They think it looks interesting to wear them, especially with different colored rubber bands or unique brackets.

In some parts of the world, fake braces may also be a sign of status or wealth. In all parts of the world, there are some people who believe that fake braces may serve the same purpose as real braces and help them to realign teeth that are crooked or crowded.

Are Fake Braces Bad?

Depending on the adhesive used to attach the brackets and what the brackets themselves are made of, there can be negative effects from wearing fake braces due to the chemical exposure to these elements.

Additionally, in some cases, if tension is applied to the brackets through a wire but done unprofessionally, it can result in a shift to some teeth, but not all, or in a loosening of teeth that can lead to tooth loss. The pressure of the fake brackets can also cause gum tissue to wear away or cause problems with the jawbone and other tissue over time.

What Are the Results of Fake Braces?

There are no positive results of fake braces if worn for any length of time. Negative results can include infection, mouth sores, exposure to chemicals, and a loosening of teeth. Fake braces are not recommended.

Similarly, fake retainers can cause more problems than they are worth, especially if the fit is poor and the appliance rubs away gum tissue.

What if I Need Braces?

If you need braces, don’t waste your time and energy on trying to install DIY braces, or fake braces. Instead, call Dison Family Dentistry for a consult, and start the orthodontic treatment that will result in the beautiful smile you are hoping to achieve.

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