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It takes time to perform a full mouth rehabilitation: time for each part of the procedure, time to heal in between procedures, and time to address any unexpected issues that arise along the way.

For this reason, full mouth rehabilitation is broken down into steps that are usually accomplished over a period of six months to a year or more.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Basics

Full mouth rehabilitation is essentially a collection of dental surgeries performed with the goal of removing any decayed, broken, or diseased teeth and tissues, and then replacing them with dental implants.

Healthy teeth are identified and left intact. They may help support the implants or bridges that are used to replace the unhealthy teeth. If there are no healthy teeth, full mouth implants or dentures may be needed.

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Steps

  1. Assessment: Full mouth rehabilitation starts with a complete assessment to determine which teeth require replacement and if there are any healthy teeth to protect. A plan of care is created at this point to determine how to proceed.
  1. Periodontal care: There may be grafting surgeries done for the purposes of reducing periodontal pockets to stabilize healthy teeth. Scaling and root planing may be done at the same time. This process may be broken up into different appointments, depending on how much time is required.
  1. Healing period: After periodontal surgeries are complete, a three-month healing period is generally advised with occasional check-ins to ensure that healing is coming along as expected.
  1. Transitional restorations: Any needed transitional restoration procedures are scheduled, addressing any issues with remaining teeth that may come up and making adjustments as needed.
  1. Definitive restorations: Final or permanent restoration pieces are installed, and follow-up appointments are scheduled as needed.

Do I Need a Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

The first step to determining your best plan of action for dental care is a consultation. Call Dison Dentistry today to schedule your first appointment.

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