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Holistic dentistry always prioritizes the least invasive treatment approach in all scenarios, including its method for dealing with cavities.

This approach entails that, based on the severity of the condition, a holistic dentist might initially provide suggestions to naturally address a cavity before resorting to excavation and filling.

Should these initial measures prove unsuccessful, holistic dentists will proceed with cavity filling, utilizing biocompatible materials. Their aim is to ensure your utmost comfort while also actively preventing potential future complications.

Holistic Approach to Reversing Cavities

The holistic approach to cavity reversal often necessitates dietary modifications. Certain foods like grains, nuts, seeds, and processed items contain phytates which can hinder the absorption of essential calcium and vitamin D, crucial for maintaining robust teeth and bones.

While a certain level of phytates is beneficial, modern diets frequently include an excess of processed foods, leading to elevated phytate levels that can weaken teeth.

By eliminating processed foods and ensuring sufficient intake of calcium and vitamin D, teeth can potentially regain strength and minor cavities might even be reversed.

Additionally, treating affected teeth with clove oil or aloe vera rinses can aid in the healing process.

Holistic Cavity Filling Procedure

When cavities necessitate filling, holistic dentists approach the procedure with minimal intrusion, employing biocompatible materials for the filling itself. This means steering clear of amalgam choices and instead opting for metal-free alternatives that are not only more sustainable but also safer for the patient.

Holistic Dentistry for Cavities: Costs and Finding a Practitioner

The cost of holistic dentistry for cavities can fluctuate based on factors such as the specific issue, materials employed, and the number of visits required for effective management.

For those seeking a holistic dentist to address cavities, Dison Family Dentistry provides both holistic and conventional treatment options for a wide array of dental concerns, including cavities. Reach out now to arrange a consultation and explore the best path forward for your needs.

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