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The term cosmetic family dentistry isn’t new. People have used the term for years to describe a very specific, precise type of treatment for your smile.

But if you’ve been searching for smile help, should you head to a cosmetic dentist in Miami? Or should you stick with the practitioner you’ve used for years?

Let us explain what our cosmetic dentist (Miami, FL based) can do for someone just like you.

What Sets Cosmetic Family Dentistry Apart?

A trained, certified cosmetic dentist has an important goal. During each visit, your doctor will offer treatments that create positive changes to your teeth and your smile.

Let’s imagine that you have a cavity in your front tooth that’s festered for months. When you look in the mirror, your tooth seems discolored. And when you sip a hot drink, you experience agonizing pain.

A standard dentist could use a metal alloy to fill the gap left by your cavity. Your pain would stop and the infection would be addressed. But the discoloration would stick.

A cosmetic dentist could use tooth-colored fillings or some other approach to both stop the cavity and improve your smile. You’ll get pain relief, and you’ll look better too.

What Can a Cosmetic Dentist in Miami Do for You?

You’ll encounter a very specialized list of procedures when you visit a dentist that specializes in cosmetic dentistry.

Our office provides a suite of services you might enjoy, including:

  • Veneers. These tooth-colored coverings have been called an “essential accessory for influencers,” as they can eliminate the appearance of stains, chips, and cracks.
  • Implant restoration. Worn, aged implants can cause pain. They’re often unsightly too. Our cosmetic dentist can address both issues.
  • Tooth whitening. Years of drinking coffee, tea, and wine can leave hard-to-remove stains on your teeth. We can brighten and whiten your smile.

If you’re searching for a cosmetic dentist in Miami, contact us at Dison Family Dentistry. We’re accepting new patients now.

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