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If you believe that correcting a deep bite, or overbite, may help to improve your smile, you’re absolutely correct.

The even better new is that deep bite orthodontics can also improve a range of functional issues that will improve your day to day life.

What Is a Deep Bite?

A “deep bite” is essentially an overbite. This means that when the back teeth are closed, the front teeth are excessively forward of the lower teeth.

The issue of a deep bite can often signal the existence of other dental issues. Correcting the deep bite can help to repair those issues at the same time.

How Can a Deep Bite Become a Problem?

Correcting an overbite with orthodontic treatment can improve your smile and potentially:

  • Address loss of tooth structure in the lower front teeth due to clenching or grinding.
  • Promote healing of sores or ulcers in the roof of the mouth caused by an incorrect bite.
  • Create space where needed to open the bite, which in turn makes chewing more comfortable.
  • Create space for alignment of teeth that are crowded or crooked.

What Does Orthodontics for Deep Bite Entail?

Each person is different, requiring tailored deep bite orthodontic treatment based on their symptoms and needs. In general, treatment usually starts with x-rays and impressions, so the orthodontist can see exactly what’s going on above and below the gum line.

In many cases, braces or clear aligners are used to move the upper and/or lower front teeth up and back to correct the overbite.

It may be necessary to first create space in the jaw for the crowded teeth to align. This may be done with orthodontic appliances, the removal of teeth, or surgery.

How Do I Know if I Need Deep Bite Orthodontic Treatment?

If you believe you might benefit from orthodontic treatment to correct a deep bite, contact us at Dison Dentistry today to learn more about your options.

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