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Taking care of dentures properly ensures that all food and debris are removed. This helps the dentures to look and smell clean and fresh, and it removes potentially harmful bacteria from the mouth as well.

Proper denture care starts with removing dentures when it’s time for bed, seeing the dentist regularly, and brushing your teeth as well as learning how to clean dentures effectively.

Tips for Brushing Dentures Correctly

There are three goals when cleaning dentures: remove all bacteria, maintain the integrity of the denture structure, and keep the dentures stain-free and smelling fresh.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • Remove the dentures from your mouth.
  • Rinse food debris from the dentures.
  • Use a brush you dedicate to denture care and follow the directions on the denture cleaning product.
  • Rinse off the dentures before putting them back in your mouth.

It may be a good idea to hold the dentures over a soft surface while cleaning them in case you drop them.

How to Soak Dentures Properly

Soaking dentures in order to clean them is ideal because it allows for a more comprehensive cleaning. It can also be a great reminder to remove them at night as well as a good way to store them while you sleep.

Before you drop your dentures in a solution overnight, double check the directions to make sure it is recommended. In some cases, denture soak cleansers may be suggested for use for only 10 minutes. This is especially true in the case of denture cleaners that contain sodium hypochlorite or sodium hypochlorite bleach.

Denture Cleaning Practices to Avoid

Do not use bleach, peroxide from home, or homemade solutions for cleaning dentures. Most soaps, table salt, or vinegars do not effectively remove bacteria.

If stains persist, dentures may need to be professionally cleaned.

Schedule a Dental Checkup for Your Dentures

In order to ensure that dentures fit properly, the mouth is healthy, and stains and other issues are managed, it is important to see a dentist regularly. Contact us at Dison Family Dentistry today to schedule your dental care and maintenance appointment.

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