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Chinese medicine is based on the notion that there are energy pathways called meridians that run through our bodies, creating a flow.

These meridians number in the hundreds and connect glands, organs, and more in the body.

Holistic dentistry takes this concept to the next level with an holistic dentistry tooth chart that is believed to indicate potential issues in other parts of the body when there is a problem with a particular tooth.

What Is a Holistic Dentist Tooth Chart?

A holistic dentist tooth chart assigns each tooth a number, color, and association within the body to various body parts and internal organs.

For example, according to the holistic dentistry tooth chart, the front four teeth on top are numbered 11 and 12 on the right and 21 and 22 on the left. The bottom four teeth are numbered 41 and 42 on the right and 31 and 32 on the left. All of these teeth are assigned the color orange. They are connected to the kidney and bladder as well as the feet, frontal sinus, and ears, among other organs.

According to holistic dentistry, this means that a problem with one of the front teeth may also indicate a problem in one of the organs or body parts associated with those teeth, especially if there is no identifiable issue causing the problem with the tooth, such as tooth decay, gum disease, or injury to the tooth or jaw.

What Is Dentist Tooth Chart Tooth Numbering?

Dentist tooth chart numbering happens in the holistic dental chart. Numbering begins with the front top tooth on the right hand side, starting with number 11 and, headed toward the back, continuing through number 18.

The front top tooth on the left hand side is labeled number 21. The numbers continue toward the back of the mouth, ending with number 28.

Similarly, the bottom teeth are numbered starting with the front tooth on the left-hand side with number 31, continuing toward the back and ending with number 38.

The front bottom tooth on the right-hand side is numbered 41. The numbers continue toward the back of the mouth, ending with number 48.

How Do I Find a Holistic Tooth Chart Dentist?

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