dental implant restoration procedure

Dental implant restoration is the process of replacing a tooth by implanting a new one into the jawbone. There are multiple steps to this process. It can take a few months to complete because the mouth will require healing time in between some steps.

What Steps Are Involved in Implant Placement and Restoration?

Dental implant restoration is a multi-step process with gaps between steps to allow for full healing in the mouth.

  • Remove the damaged tooth and prepare the socket. If your tooth is not already missing, the first step is to remove the tooth that is no longer functional. There will be a hole or dip in the gums where the old tooth was. It is necessary to clean this area thoroughly and fill it with any needed graft material to prepare for the new tooth.
  • Heal. It takes about four months for the gums and jaw bone to fully heal after the extraction and grafting process. If all goes well, the live bone will overtake the grafting material and replace it with live bone, so there is a healthy implantation area waiting for the new tooth.
  • Implant the new tooth.There are a few different methods available for this process, and the choice on which to pursue will be based on your unique needs and situation.
  • Heal again. It takes another three months to allow the tooth to seat properly in the mouth and for the mouth to heal.
  • Take the final impression. After the three months have passed, it’s time to remove any apparatus used to hold the tooth in place during the healing process and take an impression of the mouth so a crown can be created.
  • Get crown attachment. When the crown is ready, it’s time to apply it to the tooth, creating a natural-looking appearance.

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