dentist working on full mouth rehabilitation

Are you struggling with pain in your mouth due to damaged or missing teeth, or problems with your jaw? Do you experience chronic pain in your jaw or mouth?

Full mouth rehabilitation may be the right choice to help you mend multiple mouth issues at once and fix your smile at the same time.

What Is Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

Full mouth dental rehabilitation is the process of repairing all the issues in the mouth that are currently preventing its healthy function.

Each person is different, so the specific procedures included in full mouth rehabilitation procedure will vary, but they can include the following:

It is important to start the process with a visit to your dentist, so they can assess what’s going on in your mouth and determine how best to proceed.

Will Full Mouth Rehabilitation Repair My Smile?

Yes. Full mouth rehabilitation can help to rebuild the shape of your jaw, improve your ability to manage mouth hygiene, and address any issues with broken, damaged, or missing teeth. All of these will undoubtedly improve your smile, but the primary focus of full mouth rehabilitation is not to improve cosmetic appearance but to improve mouth function.

How Do I Know if I Need Full Mouth Rehabilitation?

If you have functional issues with your mouth, one or more full mouth rehabilitation procedures may be recommended. If you are unhappy with your bite or smile, cosmetic procedures may be a better fit.

How Much Does It Cost?

The final cost will vary widely depending on the specific procedures required and the intensity of the issues. Costs can range from the thousands to the tens of thousands, depending on specifics, but dental insurance will usually cover some portion of the final bill.

Do you think you may need full mouth rehabilitation procedures to repair your mouth and improve its function?Contact us at Dison Family Dentistry today to schedule an evaluation so we can help you determine your best path forward.

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