Chew Gum for teeth

Your clinic is the best place to go for dental advice when your appliances break. Detached implants, missing teeth in dentures, and cracked veneers can lead to cuts inside your mouth. These broken bits can also harm your smile.

But it’s important to know how these dental devices work and how to care for them. Set your expectations properly, and learn how to extend their lifespan.

Does Cosmetic Dentistry Last Forever?

Most cosmetic dentistry devices are semi-permanent. They’re either glued to your teeth, bolted to your jaw, or both. But at some point, they will need to be replaced.

For example, veneers last for up to 20 years. At that point, they could crack or chip on the edges. The glue that holds veneers to teeth can also dissolve, which means the veneer can fall off altogether.

Dentures may also last up to 10 years. At that point, they may seem loose or uncomfortable. The teeth may fall from the gum portion of the dentures.

Our Top Pieces of Dental Advice

Your at-home dental care steps could help to extend the life of your cosmetic dentistry devices.

We recommend these steps:

  • Don’t use your teeth as tools. Wondering what would cause a tooth to detach from dentures? Use your mouth to open packages, chew on pencils, and more, and you’ll find out. Use your teeth only for chewing food.
  • Handle with care. Use appropriate cleaning products for your dental devices. Don’t wash them with hand soap or any other products.
  • Visit immediately. What if your gum detaches from the tooth? Call your doctor immediately and ask what to do next. Don’t try to fix any problem like this at home.

At Dison Family Dentistry, we’d like to help you get the smile you always wanted. We can also help you to protect your teeth and your investment in cosmetic dentistry. Contact us for an appointment.

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