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Many of us don’t like what we see when we look in the mirror. If your teeth are the source of the trouble, you can fix your smile with cosmetic dentistry.

For example, researchers say more than half of all Americans cover their mouths when they laugh because they feel insecure about their teeth. If stains cause discomfort, bleaching procedures may help. But your cosmetic dentist can do even more to help you.

Use Cosmetic Dentistry to Fix Gaps

Your teeth should nest together with no daylight poking through. But gaps can form for a variety of reasons.

Your teeth may not align due to:

  • Genetics. If your parents had tooth gaps, you’re likely to have them as well.
  • Injuries. A blow to the mouth can loosen your teeth and allow them to drift.
  • Poor compliance. If you stopped wearing retainers after braces, your teeth might take up old positions.

Cosmetic dentistry to fix gaps involves bonding. Materials shrink the space between your teeth, and the results look very natural. You may also need implants if gaps result from missing or damaged teeth.

Can Cosmetic Dentistry Fix an Overbite?

Every mouth comes with a mild overbite. Your upper teeth are made to slide over the top of your lower jaw. But when the space is pronounced, your smile isn’t ideal.

Cosmetic dentistry includes orthodontics. Your team may use braces to pull your lower jaw forward and push the upper versions back. If the overbite is mild, your doctor may correct it with aligners instead. These tools slide over your teeth and apply gentle pressure.

Fix Your Smile With Cosmetic Dentistry

At Dison Family Dentistry, we’ll treat you like an individual. Let us assess your smile and your health, and we’ll craft a treatment plan that’s right for you. Get the care you deserve today. Contact us for an appointment.

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