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When it comes to teeth whitening, it’s not just about the products you choose to whiten your teeth. How you take care of your teeth after the process is complete matters a lot.

What you choose to eat after teeth whitening — and what you choose not to eat — will make a big difference in maintaining your new bright smile.

In general, avoiding acidic foods or heavily pigmented food and beverages will help you to maintain your white smile. Eating a “white diet” for the short term after the teeth whitening process will help you to protect your teeth and keep them white.

What Foods Should I Avoid After Teeth Whitening?

The theory behind the “white diet” is that you choose to eat light colored, non-acidic foods, and stay far away from dark foods.

Foods like soda, coffee or tea, chocolate, and wine are all no-nos. Because they are dark in color, they can stain your newly whitened teeth at a time when they have less dentin than ever to protect them.

It’s not just foods that seem unhealthy that make the list. Dark fruits, like cherries and blueberries, are to be avoided after teeth whitening due to their heavy pigmentation.

What Can I Eat After Teeth Whitening?

If it feels like you’ve been told to avoid all your favorite foods, don’t worry! There are plenty of great foods you can eat after teeth whitening.

Feel free to indulge in light-colored, non-acidic foods, including lean proteins like fish, tofu, and chicken. Almost all carbs will be perfectly fine as well, like pasta, rice, and bread.

White cheeses, yogurt, bananas, apples, cauliflower, and other light-colored produce and dairy products will be fine for your teeth.

Don’t forget to drink water! This will help to protect your teeth after whitening, and hydration is great for the whole body.

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